Fez 2 "cancelled" Phil Fish is a douche
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    If cliff b threw a tantrum on twitter every time someone criticized his work there would be no gears of war.

    What a baby.
  • I almost didn't buy Fez cause Hrothagar said the guy who made it was an ass.

    I ended up getting it for my son and I to play together.

    Oh well.
  • Yea, if you look at the comments Fish said in the past, it's hard to side with him. Watch the Indie Game movie and you'll get a glimpse. Reading the past day or two of his tweets have been entertaining none the less.
  • I made this post before I realized you posted this.


    This got me thinking about Journalism in the gaming world....

    I think we can all agree that Phil Fish is a little.... off. He clearly has some social issues and a language barrier that translate to everyone thinking he's some sort of ego maniac.

    However, is that fact that a lot of gamers are pre-pubecent kids, lead sits and people like the Unknown Gamer to "troll" or treat game devs unprofessionally? I'm far from deep into the gaming world, but I find that the relationship between developer and media is WAY different than most genres and crosses the line, both ways, way too often.

    I've always justified it as such... you find a person, persons or a site that you trust, and you go to them for your "news" and who cares about the rest... however clearly there's a lot of "abuse" that lands on guys like Phil Fish, to the point he doesn't want to do it anymore.

    Is it the media? The gamers in general? The internet? or is he just too much of a pussy? Maybe he's just saying this so he can work in peace.
  • I don't know how anyone sports related, videogame related, or movie celebrity can take anything that someone says on the internet and decide to stop doing what they are passionate about.

    Warren Sapp of the bucs fame here got pretty harsh treatment. Treatment a lot of times he brought on himself and then mostly treatment because the perception was then that he was an asshole. That sure didn't stop him from lining up and playing hard and making a lot of money.

    When you are in the public eye that is just how the public is. Especially on the internet.

    Not saying it is right but certainly in his position he should laugh it off.
  • The more I read up on Fish, the more I realize he'a tool. He's kinda asked for this to be fair...
  • I think that is part of it. If you are going to be polarizing then you have to expect to get it back. If he was the nicest guy out there and reattached caterpillar cocoons to a railing when they fall that would be one thing. He seems more app to say japanese devs suck and we suck but still support him.
  • I can't even imagine the amount of shit cliffy b gets sent to him. About his wife, his games, his Lamborghini. But he just quietly blocks them on twitter and continues to do what he wants. Yea he'll call people out for being a ass or RT them and comment back, but nothing ever like this. Cause it's part of being a known person.

    If Fish wanted to be left alone and just make games then take a note from Jones at Bungie. 2 interviews in 10 years. No twitter, no blog. Yet he's one of the most respected devs in the industry.
  • To be fair, Cliffy B is a douche too... so he deserves it as much. Just so happens he's a lot smarter and better at his job than Fish.

    See... that's the secret of school. work hard and you'll make games, marry a hottie and be rich. Fish went to school in Quebec, so he's fucked.
  • lol @ went to school in Quebec, so he's fucked.

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