Darksiders 2
  • Holy crap this game feels long. I'm only 18 hours in but it feels like so much more. I don't know if that's a good thing. I'm kinda ready for it to be done, but I definitely want to see it to the end. I'm playing apocalyptic (hardest) difficulty because I didn't find the first one too hard. But man, this one can be tough. I'm finding myself running into boss battles with no heath packs most of the time because they are pretty scarce in the wild and the home cities where you can buy them from vendors are waaay to far to travel. So every large battle is so intense I'm exhausted by the time I play for an hour. It's not frustrating at all, it's just tiring. When I try for an hour over and over to beat two large sets of enemies and I finally accomplish it, I just want to stop playing instead of going further. I do think I'm coming close to the end part. The story is definitely leading up to something.

    I don't really have a point to the thread, I just wanted to vent a bit.
  • I still need to play part 1 and 2. In my very old backlog

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