Xbox Studio Documentaries
  • I think this is pretty damn cool. If you guys haven't heard yet, one of the new TV shows that Xbox will be making is going to be some documentaries on the game industry. The first episode that they are filming is going to be the digging up of the ET burial site. Most of the gaming sites are blocked at my work so all I have to link is an old polygon article from early April.

    I guess the dig is happening this Friday. 

    If you guys don't know the ET story: The dev that made the game (1 guy) had 6 weeks to make and ship a game based on ET. Atari had more games made than Ataris and the game ended up turning out bad. So they buried the extra carts in a landfill in new mexico like 30 years ago. Microsoft got permission to dig up the site and record it as part of the series.

    I dunno, it seems cool. I don't know when it will air, but I will definitely check it out. I wonder what other things they are going to do.
  • I'd love to go to that dig site and see it happen.

    Cool story though, about the game and the subsequent burial.
  • They were talking about this on Giantbomb...  are they putting these shows on XBL?
  • Yea. I think they are trying to turn it into a netflix competitor with some original programming. This, Halo, Quantum Break and a few others. IGN is supposed to have a writeup Monday on the shows. 

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