I hope this doesn't become a trend (game delayed/canceled on XBONE)
  • While it probably isn't a big deal.... Activision has delayed (and possibly canceled) Amazing Spiderman 2 for the Xbone...

    What would cause them to do this?  This has an ugly WiiU feel to it... 

    Hopefully this doesn't start to become a trend...

    Is this alarming to anyone else?
  • You should buy a PS4
  • The obvious reason is that anything to do with the spiderman movies has to go through Sony Pictures, but them cancelling or delaying a game like this is silly. But who knows.

    The fanboy reason is that the XB1 doesn't want to release another sub 1080p game, but the dev tweeted like a month ago that it was 1080p 30fps on both consoles. I only know that from reading the kotaku article yesterday. So I don't think it's anything like that.

    It's not console sales, both consoles are selling great.

    The game is like a month from shipping so I doubt it's broken. I'd hope that if it was broken they would have done this months ago.

    Since it's like a month away I doubt it's cancelled. They wouldn't waste all that money to make the game only to have it shelved. 

    My guess is that Sony is just playing hardball and is pushing back the release of it a bit to take a jab at MS. 

  • I was wondering if it had to do with the whole Sony/Spiderman thing.

    I haven't seen the kotaku article that you mentioned...

    I hope it is more of Sony causing it... and not the developer having issues getting it to run well on the system.

  • Anyone here getting the new Trials?

    I haven't purchased one before... and was thinking about getting this one.

    IF no one here is, then I may go PC... but if some of you guys are gonna get it, I may go Xbone for leader boards, etc.

  • I bought it, because I always buy the Trials games.
  • I figured the same about Sony and that Spider-Man game. It's not a big loss though if it does get cancelled. Most of those games are really bad anyway.

    Trials Fusion is excellent! The new trick system is fun and challenging. Definitely worth buying.
  • Bought Trials over the weekend and my kids and I are having a blast so far.
  • Yea I got Trials. It's excellent. It's a infuriating game though once you get to the Expert tracks, so I hope you have a spare controller.
  • LOL at a discussion about a spiderman game... when does a movie game even matter?  

    I could totally seem them shelving it.  It's bad, it's not like there are tens of millions of new consoles out there that would allow them to make profit if 1% bought.... 1% of current gen is nothing, so it's a waste of time if it's not at least a decent game.

    Trials looks like the most frustrating game in the world... I'll play it at FF off one of you guys. I can totally see myself breaking shit over this game and then never going back to it.
  • I agree with you sword. I wasn't going to post this story cause to me it just looks like it's some politics on the business side. For the reasons I mentioned above I don't think this has any negative affect on Xbox. Plus like you hinted at, this isn't some AAA game that really means anything.

    However, the last game actually got decent reviews (7s and 8s) so to say it's a bad game and calling it a waste of time is a little overboard. The fact that a XBO version existed up until this article means they spent money to make it. Them not releasing it is the waste. 

    Trials is actually a great game just to pick up and play for 10 minutes while waiting for the wife to get ready or when you want to game but don't want to concentrate on anything. I'll still probably snag it at some point but I haven't had the itch yet. 
  • Trials is definitely that game you buy on impulse.

    Also LOL that it feels weird when you call me sw0rd now...
  • I didn't even notice! Sorry Scrod!
  • Noware you totally should have bought a PS4.

    I like trials. It is a lot of fun. Obviously, I hit a wall at some point (which I think I have hit) but until then you can go for golds or try to learn how to get past it. 
  • Yea, I just hit that wall now.... so frustrating
  • I need to figure out how to bunny hop on an incline. Also I hit a checkpoint where I really think it is almost impossible without coming in with speed from a previous check point
  • My record so far is something like 120+ checkpoint restarts.  I don't know that I've hit the wall yet, just that I need to have the track memorized to make sure I'm hitting each obstacle at the right speed.
  • I was listening to one of IGN's podcasts and they were talking about a guy in their office that had over 400 restarts. I guess he didn't even realize that he was there that long or had that many. lol

    I still plan on picking this up at some point. Maybe once I finish Peggle. I ended up snagging the $2 DLC for that.
  • Nice!  Glad to see it.
  • Got sent a digital code for XB1, so it's real.
  • So my record for restarts is now in the 300s.  Would be more if it didn't turn out there is a 30 minute time limit to reaching the end of a track.

    I did manage to "finish" the game (i.e. I hit the end game credits) and unlock the extreme tracks and holy crap they are extreme.  I haven't even completed one yet.  And trying to get platinum medals?  Cripes I've replayed the first beginner track dozens and dozens of times and can't shave the .3 of a second I need to get the platinum.  
  • I haven't gone back since hitting an initial wall. I plan on going back but right now I'm playing child of light and mlb rtts.
  • How is Child of Light?

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