Anyone have Injustice?
  • Anyone have the game?

    If so anyone willing to let me beat them on line a few times to unlock the iOS bonuses? (I would be willing to return the favor)
  • Niteside has it
  • I have it. But I know nitegot way more into the iOS game than I did.
  • I just need someone to play on live with me in a private room. There are 3 things that need to be done to uock characters on the iOS game.

    One challenge is easy and can be done in one match. (The MET challenge).

    Another is also easy and can be done in another single match (the ArkHAM charge)

    The third would take a few matches (the girl power challenge). These can all go fast playing against someone who cooperates and just moves and stands there and doesn't fight back.

    If anyone is interested, let me know. Like I said, I will do the same back for whoever helps (if interested)

  • If anyone can help, even for just one of the matches/challenges let me know.
  • I can if Dave can't. But I won't be home at all today. And my evenings during the week aren't free until after 8
  • You're probably better off reaching out to Dave on Whatsapp. He doesn't post here I don't think.
  • He thought we gave up on this place. I talked to him Saturday. He's going to register.
  • I'm waiting for the "Komplete" edition with the DLC packed in. Fuck paying $5 per character. That's some ridiculous pricing. I'm not even into fighters, but I like the DC angle of it so I don't mind getting it for cheap and busting it out when friends are over.

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