Watch Dogs
  • I dunno....something about it has had me lose interest in it. I find it odd that we are about a month away from release and we've seen no new videos or updates on it. Some of the press have played it and said it played well, but nobody is talking about the actual content itself. I'm starting to think it's not going to be a very content heavy game. It looks to me like it's going to be this huge open world with not much extra to do in it but the main story and a few of the random encounters that you find with your phone. Kind of like how the first Assassins Creed was. The main story and characters were great but when you got to the optional stuff it was the same mission over and over. I really hope I am wrong. I think I am taking the wait and see approach. 

    Anyone here sold on it? Or are you guys just getting it cause it's the first new game in a while. 
  • I had been pretty geeked on it before release.  I'm a sucker for open world games, even if they're not great - I'm a Vinny and will go after every stupid side thing I can get.

    I'm not sure, though.  They've been more quiet than I expected.  I was going to get it day 1 but I might wait for reviews.  Since I'm buying digitally now, that tends to not be a bad way to go, since I don't have to worry about a preorder I'd have to cancel.
  • I am a total sucker for open world games as well. Everything about this game is right in my wheelhouse and if it is a lot like the first AC in terms of content I'll probably still like it. Like you I love to collect everything and experience it all. I'm just not sure this is a day one purchase for me. At least not at the moment. I'm like a broken record with this but I have a very large backlog of 360 games that I need to go through. I may try and knock out one or two of those before I get this. Maybe by then there will be a sale and I can snag it for $40 or so. Unless it's amazing, then I'll probably cave.

    They sure aren't giving us a reason to go digital day one. I'm getting pretty sick of this. We're almost to the 6 month point and not even an attempt at a digital bonus. Maybe with Spencer in charge it will move faster.
  • I was sold on it... but am feeling the same way you are Josh.

    I was gonna get it on Xbone day one to do the phone/online stuff with you guys... but I am gonna wait for reviews and may not get it day one

    But having said that, if it gets a 7 or higher I will probably end up getting it... sooner or later.
  • I'm also really hopeful that Spencer is going to push for good changes.  I think he needs to see what's going on with Steam and really acknowledge the competition by adapting to it.  Allow for discs and all of the traditional sales, sure, but if you have parity between the two, then you can actually (attempt to) compete with Steambox.  Because if someone creates a "console" Steambox for the living room, with kickass controller support and the Steam backend to it, it's going to really be something, especially for those of us that haven't upgraded our PCs in a while.
  • Also, the amount of PC games being announced for PS4 is really stunning to me.  I don't know if it's because of Microsoft's launch parity policy or what, but the PC space is really creative and inventive now and has been for the last few years.  If there are a ton of games out on PC and PS4 and not many of them come to XBO, there's going to be a big gap between the software libraries.
  • I was sold on watch dogs. But,the lack of new information about has made me loose interest. I'm waiting for reviews before I decide. Also, it was really surprising to hear that it was at pax but not playable. How is this coming out in less than two months and the public hasn't been able to play it yet?
  • I'm going to get it Day 1, but I'm kinda in the same boat as you. I'm sure the main/scripted stuff is going to be fantastic, I'm just wondering how much bonus/side stuff there is going to be to do. And yea, a month away with no new footage seems odd.
  • I am day one. The latest giant  bomb preview has me even more hyped.
  • IGN has a preview up as well. I'm going to look at them this weekend. I'm still excited for the game, I just need them to give me a reason to buy right away. 
  • Just read the polygon preview. My excitement has not increased.
  • That online hacking seems awesome. Quite excited it's going to be something different.

    Though I did notice with the PvP play, it seems the aimer/reticule is a lot like GTA onlines, something which is terrible, so I dunno what to expect.
  • That video Fuzz posted has re-sparked my excitement a bit.

    I'm gonna try to check out the Giant Bomb and IGN stuff too...
  • I don't know if it is true or not but eurogamer and some others are running stories that it is 60fps on ps4 With a quote from sony infuring that it isn't on xbox one.
  • LOL and now it has been removed from the website.

    I can't wait for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 900p 30fps on PS4

    792p 30fps on XBO

    confirmed by ubi

    What will Sony do with all those extra 108 p's?????

    Also, that list is fucking stupid phreak. I may just buy used in spite of all that. 
  • Jesus...  WTF with that list?
  • Standard Edition all the way. I think some of those are from other countries IIRC.
  • Watch dogs!
  • That list is nuts. If I end up getting it, I'm going with the standard edition.

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