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  • I'm so annoyed.  Came home Friday night and realized that Infamous: Second Son was out. Decided to show some love for Sucker Punch and buy the digital download (which obviously has the disadvantage of not being able to trade in at a future date-but I love me some Infamous).  Go through the purchase, start the download, and then sit down to have some pizza and watch some West Wing with the wife.

    Couple of hours later I go down to the man cave to start  playing (game supports the play while downloading feature) and it won't boot and tells me I've got 14 hours until the download is complete.  Now I know it's not my internet because I have the 50Mbps down option and my PS4 is hardwired into the internet since it's down in the basement so it has to be Sony.

    Considering that 14 hours is unacceptable, I contacted support and asked them to give me a refund.  I was told it would be up to 5 days before a "decision" was made as to whether or not it would be refunded.  

    I even told the rep that I can appreciate how I must sound like a whiney gamer who can't play his game but that's beside the point because the game supports Play while Downloading AND it's advertised as a Day 1 Digital release and I pointed out that by the time Sony could deliver the game to me it would be Day 2.

    Now I feel like I can't buy the game on principle.  Or at the very least I have to wait and buy it used.  

    AND what I find especially ironic (and I also mentioned this to the rep) is that Sony first party titles historically have been released as free downloads with PS Plus (of which I'm a subscriber) so even though I'm confident this game will be free eventually, I still threw them some love because I dig the franchise.

    Why do these companies piss me off so?  Don't they realize I'm trying to give them my money?

  • You take gaming too personally!!! Life is too short to hold grudges, just enjoy games. Also, you'd be punishing sucker punch by not buying a retail copy, not Sony. 

    Sony announced that they are going to start pre-loading games for midnight release digital. That should really help the people that want to play day one.
  • Why any of these companies do not allow pre-loading is beyond me.  It's just dumb.

  • On the flip side I get your frustration. They want us to embrace digital distribution, but they really give us no reason (and often more reasons not) to buy our games digital. Sony is at least offering some DLC with digital games. Microsoft had a deal with titanfall if you bought it from their store you'd get $10 microsoft credit. But that was disc does that make sense? 

    Luckily the download speeds have been great on XBO. I booted it up and bought titanfall the morning it came out and it was done within a few hours. I was at work, but I had my wife checking on it. It was done before noon. It also had the option to play as it was downloading.  
  • I feel you. I had the same issue with Ryse. Started it one night, and wasn't ready the next. Granted it is my connection. But I don't need that great of speeds, as I wouldn't utilize it.

    Only reason I'll go digital this gen is if there is a deal, or if they start allowing preloading.
  • I'm going only digital this generation, and I share some of your pain.  You don't typically get incentives for going digital, and there really isn't much of a structure to it.   There should be three changes, IMO:

    1) Allow preloading
    2) If no preloading (or even if there is), let you digitally preorder and have it auto-download and auto-install for you even if the console is asleep when that game releases.  On Titanfall day I woke up, started the download, ate breakfast, and it was most of the way there, but it'd have been nice if it'd been all done when I woke up.
    3) Match incentives to physical stores
  • @TheFuzz, I think you're being dismissive.  This isn't a "it's not 1080p it's 720p upscaled" argument that I would agree with you on.

    I think the principle is a very good one to stand behind.

    #1. It shouldn't take that long to download a game.  Even Titanfall was playable the first night no?
    #2. He could have gone to Best Buy faster, and easier, and had the resale option
    #3. He couldn't play it day one!?

    Where I disagree with @The_Hulk is on the don't buy it side now... I think you should still buy the game, and then trade it in when it becomes free on PS Plus.  You only hurt yourself, and while I'm all for punishing a company, you're not really punishing Sony, you're punishing Sucker Punch.  I think you punish Sony by buying physical, and reselling, but I guess you punish SP too. 

    Maybe buy it, and send SP a letter/note about your frustrations, maybe they'll make it right with you since you still bought their game despite the stupidity of Sony.

    I agree 100% with @Phreak on the changes.  The only incentive you have right now is that you can play at Midnight of release, and while that has it's perks, it's not enough.  Diablo came out last night, and it sucked I couldn't play at midnight cuz I wanted the physical CE.  I was on the other side, why couldn't I buy this in stores on Monday, and get home and pre-load it.  All I need is the fucking number in the box. The game, and everythign I need is already patched on my system.  Of course it makes sense, you don't want people who don't know buying it, getting home and then having to wait.
  • @TheFuzz it's true, I do hold a grudge--it's the Italian in me.  

    Every time I've had any type of issue with amazon, they've immediately resolved it to my satisfaction--even in cases where it was an issue with a 3rd party seller (bought a spare battery/charger for my old Nexus and had an issue with the product/seller, emailed amazon, BOOM, refund credited to my account).

    Now in today's digital world I have to believe that all these corporations have some type of profile of me mocked up (hopefully it's taller than I am in real life).  I wouldn't pretend to be Sony's number one fan or customer, but the record will show I own multiple PS3s and a Vita (all which hit the internet regularly) and a PS4.  I'm a PS Plus member going on my second year, and I still buy games somewhat frequently.  So why is it that they can't refund me the cost of a digital game that they can see I didn't fully download, install, or play?  My continued patronage doesn't grant me at least a little latitude?

    I do feel bad for Sucker Punch, but they're aligned with Sony, so they are collateral damage.

    This all happened Friday night and I still haven't heard a peep from Sony.  Huge global corporation and two days later they still haven't made a "decision."

    Look, if they don't grant the credit then I'll download the game and play it and then I will never buy another digital game from Sony.  If I'm annoyed enough I will only buy their games used or wait for them to show up on PS Plus, which I'll keep because it's too good of a deal to pass up.

  • Brad shoemaker tweeted a download screen that showed 50 something hours to download Infamous. Crazy.

    @hulk that's crazy they haven't gotten back to you. I would sell all your PS stuff and come back to Microsoft. We have a lot of catching up to do :love:
  • Nintendo is the only one that hasn't pissed me off yet.

    Not that I haven't considered switching to MS. But i think at this point I would just punt on video games.
  • Switch to MS and play BF4. Nothing but praise and high standards on that front.
  • A lot of the points made here are not pushing me to go digital. 
    50 hours to buy digital and play it 3 days after release is nuts when you try to buy day 1.
    That and whit no incentives (price point difference) I'll stick with my physical copies. 
    I'm a big guy and could use the occasional getting up to swap discs exercise.

  • @Lambeaus  I would play BF4 more if I wasn't so frickin' terrible at it. If you are playing and see me on, shoot me an invite. I'm more apt to play with someone I know than with all randoms

  • One week later and still no answer.
  • That's terrible. They just want you to give in and keep the game. 
  • So I called Sony to get a status.  Had to explain again my frustration.  Told him it was a principle thing at this point. Dude put me on hold as he checked my case number, and came back apologizing that the previous dude "incorrectly" processed my request--which means that I have to wait another 3 to 5 days.  However, he assured me that I would be granted a refund, that the only reason the other guy said my refund would need to be under review is that some people abuse the refund policy, but he could see that that wasn't an issue with me (never processed a refund before, deleted the game without fully downloading it).

    Now I can finally go out and buy the game.  
  • I already received an email with the credit. Sounds like I talked to the wrong dude last week.

    Went to Gamestop, traded in Killzone and Burnout, got roughly $70 in trade and bought a used copy of Infamous and put the rest towards Watchdogs.
  • Dang!  Sounds like it may have worked out in your favor...  Sucks that you had the issue though.

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