Headsets (that will work with the Xbone... PC would be a nice touch too)
  • Ok, I am hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.

    I know NOTHING about these headsets. (other then any time I play with one at Fuzzfest, I WANT ONE)

    I am hoping to come up with the cash to buy one...

    So, if you guys bought a headset TODAY... what would you buy... and why?

    I was looking at the Turtle Beach XO Seven's... but I don't really know what I should be looking for (option wise).

    Any and all opinions are appreciated!  
  • Astros. A40's (wired) or A50's (wireless)
    I haven't heard any sound better than Astros. Tritan's came close a while back, but I still feel that Astros gives the best surround sound in a headset. There's gonna be a big handful of people at Fuzzfest with Astros if you want to try them out. 

    Plus if you get the A40's you can order custom ear tags to have just about whatever you want on them.
  • A40s... assuming the problems I'm having are related to my cable or something.  No one else seems to be having any major issues, so I'm guessing it is.

    Note, to use them with the One, you need to buy the chat adapter.
  • I have no complaints with my Trittons. Good for the price.
  • If I had a choice right now I'd go with the Astro A50s. They are wireless from the xbox to the headset and the mix amp is built into the headset. The only cable is from the controller to the headset for chat. If you're just playing the game with no chat you'll be completely wireless. Astro has already said they are working on a firmware update for the xbo so the problems that some people are experiencing should be fixed. You will need to buy the xbo adapter with this. Only problem is that it's $300 and possible interference with cordless, cell and other wireless stuff. (Most people don't have problems)

    I have the A40s and love them. I don't mind the wires, with baby monitors, cell phones and cordless phones in my house I think this is the better option for me because of interference. The new mix amps that come with the A40s are able to connect to a PC and update the firmware. So that's good too. You'll need the chat adapter and a 10 foot USB because the mix amps eat batteries and the rechargeable one that Astro sells is terrible. $250

    The A30s are supposed to be great too. They have the same features as the A40s but aren't over the ear. They go on the ear if that makes sense. I've heard the lows aren't as low on the A30s but I'm sure it's just some audio douche trying to justify the extra $50 spent on A50s. Personally I like the over the ear design. The over the ear design is also supposed to stop the game sound from leaking from the headset making them pretty much silent. $200

    I've heard great things about the Tritons. Other than my brief time with a set at pax a few years ago I have no experience with them. A lot of people use them.

    I don't know if turtle beach makes headsets anymore, but I owned a pair and I'll never own another.

    Polk makes a pair specifically for the xbo and they are getting ok reviews. But at $150 I'd go with the A30s or a set of Tritons instead.

  • Thanks for all the awesome info guys!

    I would love to get some A40/50's (I like that they will work with my PC as well)

    And as much as I game... I think I can justify the price... but the wife may not buy it.

    I was hoping to keep it around the $100-$200 price point.

    That's what intrigued me with the new Turtle Beach XO Seven's... that price is right where I need it (adapter included)  I assume they won't sound as good as the Astro's (I wouldn't expect them to)

    I'll just need to decide if I want quality (for more money) or less (for less money)  lol

  • I use my Tittins for PC as well, on the rare occasion I play it.
  • I bought this exact set on July 9 2011 for $162.86 from Amazon


    It was a lightning deal so I only paid $120
  • lol at Tittins

    Noware, I have to be honest. If you're going to spend $150 on a headset I'd at least get a set that does surround sound and not just stereo. The turtle beach ones you linked are stereo only.

    I have to imagine that Tritton makes a few sets under $200 that are 5.1 or 7.1

  • @Lambeaus - I assume that works on the Xbone with the adapter thing that Microsoft released, right?
  • @TheFuzz - I didn't realize the $150 ones I was looking at weren't 5.1 (or 7.1)

    I really wanna order the A40/A50's... but I think the wife would kill me.  :happysad:

  • I'm not trying to sell you on Astros! Get what you can afford!!

    I'm just telling you to stay away from Turtle beach!
  • I know your not Fuzzy.  I am really appreciating the info.

    The Astro's keep coming up near the top of most lists (that I see anyway)... and I know they are awesome...  That's part of the reason I want some so bad.

    I don't see where the A50's let you make custom tags... am I missing something, or is that just an A40/A30 thing?
  • It's just an 40/30 thing for now. Not sure if they plan on doing them for the A50s
  • Noware. I assume that the adapter will work with the Trittons. I'm still not able to find the damn adapter.
  • I don't know if the A50s will ever get custom tags because the mixamp or whatever is on the side of the headphones not on a box near you.

    That said fuck custom tags. I love my A50s either way.
  • It looks like there is a new Firmare that helps the Mixamp pros and A50s work on XBO and PS4 better. 

    Poor Niteside...

  • This mademe laugh when looking at the firmware versions before updating for the chat adapter

    • Replaces standard A50 audio presets with Battlefield presets
    Installation Instructions:

    So basically all of us that got the battlefield version...actually were really listening to the regular A50 mix. Makes me laugh because I bet less than 10% of people probably noticed this. I don't recall any instructions saying to immediately update the firmware.
  • I may be in the market for a new headset too. How are the A50's, woozy? Battery life? Do they feel heavy and/or bulky? Have you had any interference problems?
  • I'm trying to decide what to do.

    The Astros work great with the chat adapter, in stereo, which for now fills my need.

    I get wireless stereo game sound and chat with the adapter and the headset bypassing the mixamp which suits me fine for the type of stuff I'm playing on there right now.

    I either need to get new Headsets or a new Mixamp.  Astros's customer service is atrocious, but I bought the headset like 3 years ago?  I guess at some point you have to upgrade :D
  • Did we determine it was your mixamp? I know we messed with it at Lambos, but I forget the results. 

    We can do some troubleshooting at Fuzzfest and see what we come up with. I'm betting you need just a mixamp and your headset is fine. 
  • Thanks again for all the help everyone.

    I ended up going with this:

    I also added the Amazon 2 year extended warranty that Josh recommended (even though Astro offers 1 year, getting another year for $10 seemed like a good idea, thanks Josh!)

    I was going back and forth on new vs. refurbished... (not to mention A40 vs. A50) and a post on Astro's web site made me feel ok about the refurbished ones (along with mostly positive reviews)    Hopefully I don't end up regretting not buying new.  And I want to have the option to use these as regular headphones with my laptop, iphone, etc, so that was the clincher for the A40's over the A50's.   Plus, if I have to have a wire for xbox LIVE, may as well go A40's.

    I also paid the $3.99 for overnight shipping, so I should get them tomorrow and get a chance check them out before I head to Fuzzfest!  (Plus, if they are broken, I can always head to Best Buy and just get a new pair and return these... image )

    I am SUPER excited... I've wanted a pair of these for a LONG time now.  image
  • Soon as there's a newer A40/50 specifically for XB1, I'll probably get those.
  • The problem with my Astros is related to their proprietary 2.5mm cable that goes from the mixamp to the chat controller.  I've lost mine, and I guess a standard one you can buy at the stores doesn't work, which is beyond stupid.

    Anyway, I can't buy the cable from them either because they're always sold out... so I just use the Mixamp when I'm gaming, and if I'm chatting, I just plug it directly into the chat adapter and give up on 5.1
  • That BLOWS that they don't have that cable more available...  I'll keep my eyes open for ya...

    Dumb question.. but have you tried eBay for that cable?
  • No I haven't.  I lost it at FF last year... I bet one of you bastards stole it!
  • Turtle beach has a chat cable that will work. Or at least I've read that it works with the xbox1 chat adapter.

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