i took Fuzzy's advice
  • :dance:
    !! so what game should i get first!! :)
  • really? LOL i was told NOT to buy this game it's teh buggy.....
  • A lot of the bugs have been patched. The matchmaking has been pretty stable and once you're in a game it generally runs smooth and is a lot of fun to play.

    I think the only real bug that still happens to me is when I am in BF4 and I shut down the console. It never opens back up correctly and I have to force quit BF4 before I can connect to the EA servers. Not sure if it's a MS problem or a EA problem.

    and there's still a "bug" that shows the players health at 0 during the kill cam. It's not a bug, he's not really at 0, but it's definitely annoying to see.
  • HAHA^^^ yeah my live is up in march i think
  • woot!

    I am enjoying :

    Dead Rising 3

    Battlefield 4

    Peggle 2

    I also like:

    Forza 5

    Ass. Creed 4

    That's all I can think of for now... :happysad:
  • Welcome!

    Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4 when you play with these fruits.

    I'm REALLY looking forward to more Titanfall, that was fun as shit.

    Other than that.... you wasted your money! ( JK, Ryse is getting big reviews if you're into that, and DR3 looks cool as hell ).
  • Just saying. BF4 is by far my favorite game. I also own Forza and Dead Rising 3, and have played Ryse and that silly fighting game. I think when Titanfall comes out it will be my #2 behind BF4, at least until Destiny comes out.
  • Try out some of the demos. I've played them all. Really like Lego and FIFA 14, but not enough to warrant a $60 purchase.
  • Just checked. I'm up to 207 hours on BF4 lol :why:
  • BF4 with friends is fantastic. I'm not into the weapon unlocking and all that, so playing without friends doesn't do it for me. I'm WAY minority on that though. Niteside has something like 200 hours too.
  • What did you buy with the GC?

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