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  • I've concluded that my receiver Onkyo tx-sr606 (Bought in 2008) is starting to have some issues. I've concluded that it's not my xbox one nor my ps4 as plugging those directly into the tv, they displayed just fine and very quick. But while going through my receiver it seems to have some hdmi handshake issue. By this, I mean, I would turn everything on to the right inputs, and the receiver would flash the little HDMI icon like it was loking for it only to settle on settings that won't display or produce sound. After a minute or so, of either just sitting there or me switch back and forth between inputs it will finally work correctly. Switching the hdmi plug to a different input only helped for that night, switching hdmi cables didn't seem to help at all (so cables don't seem to be the issue). There's no way to update the thing as there is no usb or ethernet port.

    So I've started to look at some new options from Onkyo since I'm a bit partial to them for some reason. But I've been looking at either the tx-nr626 ( or the tx-nr727 ( I'm only looking at these since they seem the most similar to my set up but I'm no audiophile. So if you guys could throw me some input on which of these you would recommend, or even just another receiver would be helpful.
  • Man, for the money difference I'd go with the 626. It seems to have a great amount of HDMI and 115w per channel is pretty great. wifi and bluetooth.

    Really the only upgrade I can see to the 727 is an extra HDMI, 10w more per channel (and I doubt your speakers will draw that much) and a true 4k upscaler. Which I don't think you'll be buying a 4k TV in the near future.

    The 626 has a 4k upscaler and pass through as well but I'm sure the 727 does a better job. I really have no clue what the difference would be and I really don't care at all about 4K.

    I say save some money and go 626.

    Shit even the 525 ($400) on amazon is nice. Same 4k upscaler (meh who cares) 6 HDMI (do you need more?) 100w per channel (see what your speakers draw, if it's less than 100 this is all you need.) and all of the bluetooth and wireless capabilities. only drawback is it's only 5.2. I forget, do you have 7.1 or are you thinking of upgrading?
  • I have enough speakers for 7.1 but my current setup is at 5.1
  • I have ZERO experience in this subject... and as you already know, Fuzz is the man! I would trust whatever he says.

    The Onkyo I bought off of him a few years ago is running like a champ!

    I will definitely buy another Onkyo for my next unit (whenever that time comes).
  • @noware :lub:

    @Chris then I would just go with the 626. it's more than capable of doing what you want and the extra $100 will give you the option to run your 7.1 setup if you ever decide to.
  • my speaker set up is all klipsch...
    towers: vf-36 ; looks like 150 w continuous
    center: vc-25 ; looks like 75 w continous
    satellites: Quintet 3 ; looks like 50 w continuous
  • Your current amp is 90W per channel, probably even less (75-80) at 8ohms. So you're still upgrading here. The 626 is 95w per channel at 8ohms. Your speakers operate at 8ohms, I checked.

    If you're happy with the sound that your current amp puts out with your speakers then you will be happy with the 626. If you want more, then maybe upgrade.

    Even knowing this I don't see it being worth the extra money to go to the 727.
  • ok perfect. That's pretty much what I needed to hear. Thanks
  • No problem.

    I'm interested to see how the controller app works on the iphone/ipad.

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