I may have to send in my xbone.... AGAIN!
  • So over the last 5 days... there have been 4 times when my screen has gone black. I can still move the controller and hear the noises it makes as it moves about the menu... but the screen is black. It happens when I am in a game, and I press the diamond (or whatever it's called) button. You know, the glowing Xbox button. So I play a round of battlefield, and then decide I wanna watch TV, or play a different game. SO I hit that button and BAM... black screen. If I say "xbox turn off" and then "yes" It will shut off. But turning it back on, the screen is still black.

    To fix, I have to unplug the unit from power and wait a few seconds and plug it back in.


    Has anyone else experienced this? :wonder:
  • Ugh... well, apparently I am not the only one...


    This is starting to piss me off...

    I would be lying if I didn't say a PS4 (or hell, even my PC) is starting to look better and better. :hmm:
  • Holy crap I am so sorry nowhere :(
  • Thanks @wooze

    I called Micro$oft to see if they would have any other suggestions, or offer any freebies, or a replacement unit...

    Needless to say they had ZERO solutions... and offered nothing. (I also had a lady who hardly spoke English :hmm: )

    I may try to call another time when I am not at work and have more time to chew.

    Having to constantly unplug my $500 unit every so often is going to wear thin REAL quick.
  • Bugs in updates happen. Be thankful your console didn't brick like updates have done in the past. It's sucks for sure, but it sounds like a fix is on the way.
  • Yeah... I am glad it isn't bricked.

    I'm not sure I would handle it as cool and calm as I am now.

    The next update had better bring a solution for this issue.... :hmm:

    Otherwise I may show up at Fuzzfest with a PC and a PS4.

    Microsoft is back on thin ice as far as I am concerned.
  • lmao, yea it's shitty for sure and it sucks it happened to you having just gone through the disc problems.

    I don't think they'll be waiting for the march update to fix this. It's all over the news sites.
  • Also if you think the PS4 won't have problems like this you're being silly.
  • and PC's have more issues like this than both consoles combined. They are just patched faster cause they don't need to be certified by MS or Sony.
  • Oh I'm sure PC's and the PS4 are having (or will have) problems... but they aren't my problem, at the moment, so I could care less.

    I am living with the "grass is greener on the other side" chip on my shoulder at the moment.

    When my xbone works, I love it... but I do have a bad taste in my mouth right now...

    And so far my PC building and gaming experience has been better then I expected. I honestly have no plans to get a PS4 any time soon... my PC and Xbone scratch all of my itches and then some...

    But I hope they get this issue fixed ASAP!
  • Word. it sounds like you and Randy built a great PC.

    I'd probably get into PC gaming if I wasn't such a fanboy....

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