So they are posting a $15.3 million loss during last year. They only sold 2.4 million Wii U's in 2013

    And their #1 reason is the mobile and tablet market. Not the fact that they are struggling to keep up with last gen when it comes to features, and their online store is a joke.

    I have to be honest. I've priced up a Wii U and the few must have games. I want a Nintendo console for when John gets into games. If the Wii U had their full backlog on digital download I would buy it in a second. I'm talking NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube. All digital, all games. But they don't, it's actually a pretty terrible list of games that are available to download compared to their awesome catalog. I understand that a lot of games would be impossible due licensing, but it seems like they aren't even making an attempt here. I think it's a huge mistake.

    The big rumor here is that they are going to start putting their games on mobile. While that would get their games to a lot more people and probably make them a lot of quick money, I can't see myself playing Zelda Oot or Mario 64 on a iphone. I can't stand playing non-touch games on the iphone without sticks.

    What do you guys think? Would you buy a Wii U if their backlog was available and as easy to access as PSN and XBL?

    What about Nintendo games on IOS? would you buy?
  • I don't think console games transfer well to phones. Couldn't get into GTA 3.

    That said, even if they did have all the classics in their library, they system would have to be REALLY cheap for me to pull this trigger at this point. Too much good stuff this gen and last gen I haven't touched yet.
  • I completely regret buying my WiiU, especially day 1. I don't give a shit about 99% of the stuff, and the 1% I do like I know I'll never get around to playing, especially finishing.
  • Don't get me wrong. I have 0 interest in buying a Wii U.

    I'm just saying that they need to get on board with digital games. It's a crime to have a catalog like that and not have it available on your newest machine. I really don't want to track down a working NES, SNES and 64, but it looks like I'll have to.

    I just want to start John with NES games when he's old enough. I have great memories of sitting on my livingroom floor with my dad playing tetris, Mario and Zelda. We'd spread out the big map in Zelda and explore everywhere we could go. There are some that I missed out on back in the day so going back and playing new games with him will be fun. Plus Stacy is terrible at anything newer than the 64, I think having a NES will get her involved too. I was a Genesis guy, so I missed all of the SNES. I'd like to play through some of those with him as well. There are some great N64 games that he needs to play, I'd love to play through Mario 64, Zelda oot and Starfox with a controller that doesn't suck.
  • There are some great SNES games out there.
  • I found a wind waker ed for 200 bucks unopened. As long as I can play the nintendo only stuff I'm okay with that purchase. Mario 3dworld has been a lot of fun and Zelda I haven't started but ethan has and loves it. Looks way better than I thought it would. The one beauty of having kids is they soften the blow of not using something a lot since they do.
  • Also I don't think they will put any nintendo games on mobile. They will implement nintendo characters probably for those type of touch games you mention.
  • Gerstman was saying that heard they were doing trial type games for IOS. Basically you play a Mario type game for a bit then you get a message if you want to play more games like this buy a Wii-U.

    IF that's the case that's hilarious.
  • I heard that too. Nintendo is so out if touch with reality. Mario is the only thing keeping them a float.
  • How the heck did you find an unopened copy for $200? Was it unopened in someone's car and you left them $200? I would buy one for $200.

    Because I would buy a Wii U for the same reason I buy any play games. I think the new Pikmin and Super Mario are enough reason to grab one. I'm sure there will be other stuff to play on it. I don't need 100s of games for my consoles. I would think half a dozen to a dozen really good games would be worth it.
  • Mario isn't the thing keeping Nintendo a float... the 3DS is. It's the most successful handheld by a mile and a half. The Wii U is a complete flop, but 15 Million dollars really isn't that big of a deal.

    The phone thing sounds dumb... too dumb to be true IMO.

    The Wii U pretty much just sits there for me. Mario 3D World is just outstanding, New Super Mario U is fun, but not a necessity to play.

    Nintendo switching to just software won't ever happen. I could see them just selling handhelds but I think our kids will have kids before Nintendo stops making consoles.

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