Garden Warfare
  • So what is the consensus on this? Will you guys be getting it?
  • It's only $40 so maybe depending on reviews and buzz here.

    I really don't have the time to play it but if it's a game people play here I'd rather buy it while it's hot and play with you guys. If I wait til it's cheap nobody will be online playing.

    Really tho, I can get my class based shooter fix from BF4
  • I can get my class based shooter fix from BF4
  • Getting it!
  • I haven't paid much attention to this... I may give it a look (especially if it is kid friendly, or friendlier)
  • Watching a preview this morning, and it looks a LITTLE like Team Fortress two. I saw an engineer building teleports and turrets.

    I may give this a look... its a SOLID maybe for me. I'm going to/wanna see more.
  • I think it looks freaking awesome.

    I like the co-op though to lambo. Not just the deathmatchy things. I want to go through the campaign with some peeps. Variation are you on my friendslist? If not add me wOs.
  • I'd also like to add it is a little less serious than BF which is what I am also looking forward to.
  • It's only $40, GET IT!

    Benefit of One version vs 360 is split screen co-op (and graphics obviously)

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