13 minutes of Assassins Creed IV
  • http://kotaku.com/13-minutes-of-very-impressive-assassins-creed-iv-gamep-884467866

    Crap. I was going to skip this, but it looks too good to pass up.
  • #want. I'm in the minority that enjoyed ac3. The story was enjoyable the ancillary stuff not so much.

    This is a title I bet you can get for 30 bucks two months later.
  • Yea for sure. It'll be ~$30 before Christmas. Ac3 is still on my list to play.
  • I'm going to pay full price for killzone and watch dogs.

    I can't remember the last Time I paid full price.
  • Oh wait the last of us :(
  • I have the entire AC series sitting next to my Xbox to play

  • Ac1 is my least favorite. A little too repetitive. Still fun.
  • Was buying it before, but that footage looks awesome
  • I couldn't get more then 30-45 minutes into AC1.

    Enjoyed 2 (and basically finished it)

    3... I am a few hours in, and not having any fun. Torn on if I will finish it or not...

    4 will be a wait and see (and a rice drop, minimum)
  • I've beat all of them up to ac3. Brotherhood is the best with 2 very close. Revelations was my least favorite. I think if I can get ac3 for $15 ill be happy with the purchase.
  • That's going to suck is waiting the extra 2-4 weeks for the Xbone version to come out while avoiding everything about it
  • I really enjoyed 3. I know i am in the minority but I thought the story and the twists were actually cool. The worst thing about it though was that the peripheral stuff just wasn't engaging. Normally i get my assassins all up to max level and buy every weapon,item, etc but in 3 I didn't even really understand what the hell all the supplies stuff was even about.

    I can't wait for this. Though I'm going to get it after playing through watchdogs and killzone.
  • I like to play games in order so I won't get this until I play 3. Now that they have an ending planned out the games should be on a more focused path in the story. I'm watching the price on AC3, once it dips below $15 ill snag it.
  • I don't see a more focused path happening. I almost see more time period hopping with less and less Connect obstergo stuff. Seems like he made comments because they were catching g flak for it kinda just meandering plot wise.
  • while I'm excited for 4, I REALLY liked the Desmond storyline (except his 'ending'), so I'm really unsure how it's going to work without him. I liked the whole realworld/animus world thing.
  • I can't even remember how ac4 ended on the desmond side.

    I did enjoy his parts in the real world though.
  • Without him?

  • I don't think anythings happened to him in general. That french canadian guy came out and said desmond wasn't in AC4. Which was weird when all the sudden they still showed some abstergo screen shots. I figured it was all in the pirate time.
  • @TheFuzz The dev team said AC3 was the end of Desmond's story, I just don't like how it all tied together, that's all. Which makes me wonder how AC4 and on is going to work and connect to the real world together
  • I just don't even remember desmonds story wrapping up. My memory sucks though.
  • I was kidding really. Out of everything AC related I find the Desmond story the most boring. I really don't care about that timeline.
  • I think that is what they were heading towards also. Just make it a time period piece since this whole juno taking over the world thing is just so left field it is odd.

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