IPhone experts... I need some help!
  • Scrod, or anyone else who is good with an iPhone...

    I recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 4s (the 4s was my wife's, and she got a new phone, so it was free for me to move up that baby step)

    Anyway, recently it has started acting a little funny. It TOTALLY locked up on me twice yesterday, I had to do the hold the power button down along with the home button to re-boot it.

    Then it started dropping the Wi-Fi... and that's my biggest concern at the moment. Sometimes it will connect... and work ok for a while... and then it just drops the signal.... and if I manually try to re-connect it, sometimes it will... and sometimes it wont... but it rarely will re-connect on its own. (I have tried this on 3 different signals... it appears to be the phone, not the Wi-Fi signals.)

    My first thought was to wipe it clean and start fresh....

    But, before I do, does anyone have any suggestions/ideas on the best way to tackle this?

    I would like to avoid sending it to Apple for repair if at all possible.

  • Randy abandoned us.

    I don't know what you can do. Sorry
  • :-(

    @TheFuzz Thanks anyway man... :happysad:
  • I wasn't having the same issues but I just had to wipe and redo my 5s and it fixed the issues (randomly closing out of apps).
  • Thanks @wooze - I haven't tried a wipe yet... but that's my next move. If that doesn't fix it... I will assume the WiFi Radio is shot (or something like that) and live with out WiFi... and that will suck.
  • Wipe it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's hardware related. Good news is it's a cheap fix if it is the problem.

    refreshing the phone is pretty much the best way to go...

    Back it Up
    Set it up w/o restoring
    See if the problem exists

    iOS 7 is pretty glitchy in general, it crashes often on my iPhone 5 even.
  • @TheFuzz I didn't abandon, I didn't know anyone was still posting here... for awhile it was just Fuzz Lambo and I on a regular basis. It's probably my ADD not seeing new posts often enough :D
  • I was always here too, whatchu talking bout willis?
  • I am hoping to get some time to try the back up and restore option @sw0rdfish suggested.

    If that doesn't work, where is my best bet for the cheapest fix? Send it to Apple?
  • If it's out of warranty? Give it to your wife to take it to the Apple store and hope a genius feels bad for her.

    It's likely a software issue though.
  • Speaking of iphone issues. Anyone have an issue that when listening to music it will play the next song but it gets stuck on displaying the first song. It really sucks. I can't figure out why it started doing it all of the sudden. I thought for awhile it was the software that displays it on my dashboard but then I go into the phone and sure enough the line is displaying the same thing the car displays.
  • Yeah I've noticed this when connected to my car only.... that said, that's mostly when I listen.

    Maybe it's a Ford thing?
  • I have a honda :(
  • and I agree that is when I listen the most so it is kinda frustrating. Also #firstworldproblems

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