I may have to send in my xbone! :why:
  • The disk drive is acting up. It's only made the famous crunching noise twice (once within the first few days, and the second time last night) But about 10-20% of the time, it wont recognize a disk is in it.

    Of course while I have the guy at Microsoft on the phone, it doesn't fail once... but it has 6 or 7 of the previous 10 times.


    Anyway, I will probably get to experience what there program is like VERY soon. (Need a credit card for an advance replacement, and I didn't have one handy last night.)

    Hope this is an isolated incident.

    Anyone else here having drive issues?

  • Drnkn had it happen. He had a new one within days plus a free game.
  • Fucking Microsoft! Seriously they make it hard to like them this gen.
  • You're only the second person I've talked to that's had it happen. their turnaround for the advance shipments is very quick from what I hear.

    @wooze Sony is having more problems than MS at the moment
  • I am debating if I should ask for a free game or not. Was there a time on how long they were offering that deal?

    My bigger concern is me shipping them mine, they test 3 or 4 disks out that all work perfect (since it's an intermittent problem) and they ship me my console back un-repaired.

    I had them do that with a 360... send it back "no problem found" only to have to return it a few weeks later.
  • I had the same problem with a 360, too. I unpacked it, set it up, turned it on, and it failed immediately. That might have been the angriest I've ever been on a phone call with tech support.

    "You obviously didn't test this at all! It failed IMMEDIATELY!"

    Ugh. They comped me a free game because of that but it was like having ammo but nothing to fire it with.
  • I would must definitely ask for the free game. People got free games, it's well known. You should too.

  • I would simply ask for the game since you're being inconvenienced.
  • Drnkn also got to keep the power brick, controller and headset that came with his new XBO.
  • That's pretty cool. A second power brick is always nice. Makes moving the console easier
  • Well, the guy was supposed to call me last night... and he didn't.

    The drive has acted fine (with only one hiccup since my first post in this thread.)

    I'm still gonna get it replaced... but my urgency level is low. :happysad:
  • They aren't very good at calling back, I'm not sure why. Just call again. Long as you talk to them calmly they are usually pretty good at compensating.
  • @NoWareMan9 Did the guy at MS say how they are going to handle your replacement? They sent Drnkn a brand new one within a couple of days. After receiving it he then sent the broken one back. He was never with out his XBO.
  • @Sobka - The exact words were, we will send you a "loaner" then you ship yours to us, and we fix it and send it back... then you return the "loaner"

    Sounds like a lot of extra shipping to me.
  • At least you won't be without an XBO.
  • Yea it sounds to me like they were working hard to keep people happy launch weekend. Now they are fixing consoles instead of replacing them.

    Like David said, at least they are giving you a loaner. Plus, you're not paying for shipping.
  • Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.

    I'm just saying it seems like a lot of extra shipping on their part... if they one back and its pristine (which mine is) or in really good shape, why not just make the decision to keep and refurb it, and let the end user keep the "loaner". It would save them some shipping costs.

    Regardless, I am glad they are offering this program so that I wont be down.... (whenever I decide to do it... lol)
  • Just do it before Fuzzfest
  • Ok, new console is on the way.

    The lady I talked to today was a moron (but she spoke English)

    I got her to give me a free digital game (I picked Dead Rising 3). I had to ask. She had no clue, and initially tried to offer me Gears of War 3. :-|

    She also threw in 90 days of Xbox live gold for free. I didn't tell her that I'm playing for free right now :happysad: hope this doesn't mess that up. But oh well if it does.

    I asked her at the end where I would get a return shipping label from, and she was CLUELESS. She said, just put it in the box the new one comes in and give it to your UPS man... You don't need a label.... :-|

    I somehow doubt they will get it back that way. But I may try it none the less. lmao
  • Ok, maybe the lady wasn't as dumb as I thought. The email I just got says to take it to Fed Ex and they will give me a tracking number. Seems a little odd, but oh well.

    Also, she sent me two 3 month live codes, and dead rising.

    So over all.... I'm happy.

    Be happier once I get a machine with a drive that works more then 60-70% of the time.... But over all, this seems more then fair.
  • Yea a free game and 6 months if live us a good deal. Dead rising is fun
  • Nice score noware... It's not so bad having a broken XBO.
  • That's awesome... I want free DR3.

    IT's such a small percentage of people having problems with their consoles., but they're being incredibly loud about it... Which is weird because to me, the 360 RROD fiasco was under-discussed and Microsoft really got away with it...

    Technology fails... all the time.

    It's awesome they can give out free games, count them as a loss, but essentially it costs them nothing.
  • I'm enjoying DR 3 so far too. (it's hard to play cause kids are always around... but I am enjoying it, the little I have played.)

    I also made a video on my phone that I will mention in the letter the accompanies back my old system.

    It's been working fine lately... :hmm:
  • New Xbone arrived today (second coldest day of the year so far, -12)

    They included a 1 month Live gold card with the new unit. :happysad:

    Hoping to hook it up tonight!

    Quick question (if anyone knows and if this makes sense) But, will I just need to set up it from scratch again? How will I get all my family stuff on it... (game saves and stuff like that....) Is all that stuff auto in the cloud? Or do I need to send it there?

    Or do I use a USB stick to move it?

  • Holy crap -12. Stay warm.

    Not sure on the other stuff.
  • Set up was pretty painless.

    All my pins showed up right away.

    Reinstalling stuff is taking a bit, as expected.

    New console is dated 12-26-13

    Old one was dated 9-5-13

    No new controller or power supply, just the console... First disk showed up like a charm!
  • Good to hear! Yea, moving to a new console (or even visiting someone) is painless and all your gamesaves are saved to the cloud.
  • Yea it's a pretty great system when it comes to the cloud stuff. You can tell that's the part that they had completed before they did the 180. Everything else after that (chat, friends, achievements, settings) are all broken.
  • YAY!!! Welcome back.
  • I had a disc read error last night. But it was with a movie. I havent tried a game in the drive today. But this has me worried.
  • @SeaSquared - Keep a close eye on it man. Mine started slow and escalated quick.
  • this thread scares me...
  • Tried a game in it last night and it spun up just fine. /hopingitwasjustthemovie
  • @dre - no need to be scared.

    I got a free game, and 7 months of Xbox LIVE free...

    They are taking care of people who have drive issues with MORE then enough in my mind.

    New drive has worked flawlessly

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