Xbox Live question
  • Last night I remembered that I hadn't activated my Gold card I got for Christmas (my Live expired sometime late last year.) I had used the 14 day card that came with my new Xbone on Christmas day (assuming I would need Gold to play on line with people.)

    So last night I confirmed... I do NOT have gold... but I AM able to play on line with people.... am I supposed to be able to do this?

    I am confused.

    Do I need Gold?
  • Wow. Must be an error. You need Gold.

    I'd stick it out as long as possible.
  • You need gold, so that's odd. You sure your account isn't active and it's NOT gold?
  • For some reason mine is up in May. I don't know how that happened. It's always been in November since the beta.
  • That's what I figured...

    I'm gonna sit on my 12 month card till I am not allowed to play on LIVE with people...

    @Variation I haven't tried to play multi on 360, but when I boot it, the first things is shows me in the big main box is an ad for Gold. When I tried Netflix, it said I needed Gold.

    On the Xbone, it lets me play Netflix... and Battlefield and Peggle both worked when I tried them on the 21st.

    So I dunno how it's working, but I'm just gonna wait and see what happens....

  • Weird, might as well ride it out while it let's you!
  • So help me, if any of you turn me in... I will CUT you in your sleep....


    I'm gonna try it again tomorrow during the day... double XP for Ghosts this weekend... and/or if any of you want to do some BF4... hit me up!
  • Welp... Apparently the new Xbone stole my free LIVE.

    Not sure how I was getting it free... But I am not now. Oh well. I have 7 free months and I got a 12 month card for Christmas.

    Still a little bummed :happysad:
  • It was good while it lasted
  • Noware, are you still silver? If you are, before you renew let me know I will refer you with Xbox rewards so I can get free credit.
  • @TheFuzz - no I am sorry man.

    I wanted to play Battlefield right away... so I entered all my codes (19 months worth)
  • No worries. I didn't think of it until just now.
  • @TheFuzz You're up in May now because of the 6 months free from the family plan breaking down. All the accounts got 3 months added on when they split them
  • Yea that's probably it. You're so smart

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