• I finished Arkham Origins over this past weekend (I almost got 100% of EVERYTHING....)

    Not sure if I will go back to get the minor collectibles or not, but I enjoyed it. (I got all the Riddler stuff... just missed a few location tags.)

    And, as other's have said, it is A LOT of the same (from previous games)... and it is a little odd not having the same voice guys, but the new people do a NICE job. I enjoyed it, but I am a HUGE Batman fan... but I think it is safe to say, if you liked the other games, there is no reason you won't like this one.

    For now, I will be back at Assassins Creed 4 (I am having a tougher time getting into this game... I still like it WAY better then AC3, but the overall game play feels stale to me... I dunno) I'm also gonna start the story in CoD Ghosts, and try more multi player in CoD and Battlefield. I just wish there were more people on... (especially people I know... and especially in Ghosts... never seen more then about 40,000 on at a time, I know that sounds high, but it's not... and only 4-6,000 in the game modes I like)

    What's everyone else been up to? :wonder:
  • I still have Arkham City sitting on my shelf. It's one my list of games to knock out this year.

    I finished a lot of the misc quests in GTA V this weekend. One step closer to trading that in. Maybe a little more exploring and I'm done. I'm going to buy the inevitable GOTY edition on the new consoles with all of the DLC.

    Next up from my backlog I'm finally playing Darksiders 2. Been waiting to play that for a while now.

    Current games I'm still playing campaign BF4 with multiplayer once a week or so.

    It's been a shitty month for gaming time.
  • @NoWhere AC4 is superb, just put some time into it. The cool stuff definitely comes later on (like Edwards fleet etc) and there's a ton of extra stuff to do like the Fort's etc.

    Play the campaign for Ghosts, I actually quite liked it (more so than BF4's campaign).
  • I've put in 135 hours in BF4 and am at level 83.

    Been playing lots of demos too. Really like FIFA 14 but will probably wait for the inevitable World Cup in a few months.

    Enjoy Lego Marvel but don't want to fork over $60 for a six hour game.

  • @Lambo - Yeah, I am in the same boat with Marvel. I will probably wait and get it cheap on the P.C.

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