WAIT!?!?....Titanfall does not have a single player campain??
  • my whole day has been ruined.... :(
  • Yea it's a bummer. Still pretty stoked for it. It sounds like the MP has a story.

  • just heard it's only 6v6 too

    i was hoping for an awesome next gen campaign...oh well
  • I think the 6v6 thing is ok. There are bots, plus the titans can act as AI (defend, attack, follow) so 12 people plus 12 titans plus AI bots seems pretty rad.

    Plus if the maps aren't huge (vertical combat is a focus) I'm sure it's going to be a hectic mess in a good way.

    Plus plus all press are gushing for this game. I don't think the 6v6 ruined it for them.

    Plus plus plus this isn't some no name dev. These guys know how to make fps.


  • I would have loved a campaign for sure. I'm not that big of a mp guy other than battlefield. It really is a bit if a disappointment it's online only.
  • Yeah... I had added this game to my watch list... and it's still gonna sit there. I'm not ready to pull the pre-order trigger yet.

    I've been into more single player games lately... so a MP only game is sort of a let down for me.
  • As much as I'm not a fan of CoD they knew what they were doing when they made Modern Warfare, so I'm gonna assume these guys will deliver. 6v6 doesn't bother me, I don't have 12 friends anyway.

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