• I know I am late to the party... but sometime after Thanksgiving I started listening to Podcasts pretty heavily. I REALLY got into that We're Alive podcast I had heard so many people talking about... I just this morning got caught up and am now waiting for new episodes (and that blows.)

    Anyone have any other good suggestions?

    I am currently listening to :

    We're Alive
    Giant Bomb
    Gamers With Jobs
    Something IGN Podcast (I cant remember the name)

    I would like other video game suggestions, but I would like to find some other non-video game ones (like We're Alive) too.

    What do you guys listen to? :wonder:
  • My brother my brother and me(hilarious advice show)
    Unlocked (IGN Xbox)
    Beyond (IGN Sony)
    Major Nelson (Xbox stuff
  • Ok, I just looked, I do have the Unlocked one.

    I added the My Brother one, and the othes Josh suggested to my list. Thanks Fuzzy!

    What else you guys got?

    Any story driven ones like We're Alive?
  • I'm mentioned in unlocked this week. They used my trivia question.
  • My entire list in DoggCatcher:

    Giant Bombcast (comedy + gaming)
    Rebel FM (a couple of former 1UPers started it, best straight gaming podcast IMO)
    The Vergecast (tech stuff by the best tech site out there)
    A Life Well Wasted (infrequently updated but absolutely essential)

    Comedy Bang Bang (best improv show out there)
    The Comedy Button (some gaming stuff here, too, former IGN @ 1UP guys)
    My Brother, My Brother, and Me (improv/banter advice show)
    Never Not Funny (one of the OGs of comedy podcasts, terrific and it just went free)
    WTF with Marc Maron (interview/neuroses)
    The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project (just started offshoot from Comedy Bang Bang)

    History, Current Events:
    NPR: This American Life (stories of life)
    NPR: Radiolab (absolutely essential, about a variety of things)
    NPR: Snap Judgment (stories of life)
    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (incredible long-form history podcast)
    Dan Carlin's Common Sense (current events stuff from the history guy, kind of a libertarian bent)
    BBC: In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg (history explained)
    The Bugle (comedy/current events)
  • Holy shit I may have an addiction.
  • @TheFuzz NICE! I'll have to listen for that!
  • Cheesehead TV
    Packers Therapy
    ESPN Football Today
    ESPN Fantasy Focus
  • @Phreak - Damn man... how do you find the time? lol

    @Lambeaus - You got any NON Sports ones? lol
  • Only were alive and ign unlocked
  • NPR: TED Talk Weekly (or something like that)
    Fatman on Batman with Kevin Smith
    This Week in Tech (haven't been listening to this one as much)

    There's also a BBC series that tells a history of mankind in 100 items. Really, really interesting and each one is only about 20 minutes, so you can get through it quickly (though I haven't finished it yet)
  • @The_Hulk - I was just debating about that Batman one... and the History one sounds good too!

    Thanks guys! I have added a bunch of these and will most likely never listen to broadcast radio again! :love:
  • Giantbomb, Unlocked sometimes, and RadioLab
  • No one listens to Randal and I :(
  • @Variation - I do. I am right now as a matter of fact. (Good luck playing those Steam games. lol)
  • Not going to happen... haha
  • So I'm now 2/3s through a 3 hour podcast from the dude Phreak recommended (Dan Carlin's Hardcore History). Holy crap is it interesting/awesome. THANKS PHREAK!
  • I love the way the dude talks. It's like you're sitting on the deck slamming back some booze and he's just talking to you about history. Incredible.
  • Nice @The_Hulk!

    I still need to check that out

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