Christmas... Santa was good to me!
  • So I ended up getting my Day One Xbone (woot!)

    Also got Forza, Battlefield 4, CoD Ghosts, and Madden. My son got Need for Speed, so I will get to play that too! Also go Batman Origins for the PC, and bought Peggle 2. Needless to say my back log just got bigger :happysad:

    I have had to wait till (literally) JUST NOW to get EA to fix my Origin account so that I can play Battlefield (long story)

    But FINALLY... game on bitches!

    How did everyone else do? :wonder:
  • Get max and the curse of brotherhood! So much fun, so much charm.
  • PS: I got a couple gift cards. Trish and I don't really exchange for Christmas. We do birthweek where every day for a week leading up to your birthday you get a good present. That is where I really score.
  • Woot, glad to have you aboard Nowhere! :D
  • I got Peggle 2 and Dead Rising 3. Plus $45 in ms credit. Gonna get another $15 and get Ryse once I finish BF4
  • I got teenage mutant ninja turtle PJs. Plus some butter salt for popcorn.

    XBO in November was my Christmas gift
  • I forgot to add to the list Ass Creed 4.

    So far I am REALLY enjoying the Xbone. :-)

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