Time Off!!!
  • Today is my last day of work this week. I hope to get some gaming in before returning next week.

    What are your plans/goals this week if you have time off?

    I plan on finishing AC3 and playing some BF4 online.
  • More Mario 3D World (Started on the secret worlds)

    And more BF4.

    I've been playing some League again too, but Ariane's sister is in town, which means I don't have access to my computer on a regular basis.... or my XBO
  • I'm going to finish AC4 first and foremost. I want to do the campaigns for BF4/Ghosts/Ryse and a few others.

    Work is having a contest with whomever gets the biggest increase of gamerscore by the time we go back on the 6th, get's a free copy of Titanfall. So if anyone wants to help me get acheevos let me know :D
  • Max and the cursed brotherhood.

    Just finished Ac4 so it is nice to kinda have a chill more thinking than doing experience.

    I think I am going to finish Killzone 4 after that and then either play DR3 or BF4.
  • I am off the 25th thru the 30th, then have to work the 31st :hmm:

    I JUST finished Tomb Raider, and REALLY liked it.

    With Christmas starting tonight (with my mom) It's gonna be a wild card as far as what I will be playing.

    I TRIED to get back into AC3... and I just couldn't do it. If I get AC4 for Christmas, it's gonna be hard to not just jump to it.

    I know I am getting Batman Arkham Origins for the PC (so that will get some time.)

    Everything else is up in the air till I see what I open from the fat man!
  • I just plan to get some time in!

    Having most fun with BF4 online. Campaign is fun too and want to get back to that.

    Dead rising is great. Don't feel the need to fly through it to finish tho. Played some coop last night. Works really well in that we can split up and share collectibles and blue prints. Also need to get some driving time in with Forza. Would be cool if we could all get an online game going.
  • @lambeaus Let's play some DR3 coop soon!

    @wooze I'm on memory 10, so I'm getting close. I just can't stand all the eavesdrop missions.
  • Just finished the BF4 campaign. It was fairly short I think, and excellent. Played on hard, and never at any point was it unfair. I enjoyed every minute. I was impressed.
  • The eaves dropping shit is my least favorite stuff by far.
  • Just finished AC4. So good. The one thing I wanted to see was at the very end, so I was happy. Next is BF4 campaign I think.
  • @wooze yea, they suck, and there's a few of them, but there's a lot of really cool missions, and a lot that don't force the stealth element on you if you don't want to.
  • There was a stealth mission early on (Going to the temple) that was complete and utter shit.
  • I gave up on AC3. I'm not gonna force myself to play a game when I've got new games to play.

    So I'm working on finishing GTA V instead
  • I finished the BF4 campaign last night. There are still a few things I wanna do with it (like see the other 2 endings) and 1 more dog tag to collect. But other then that, and of course multi player, I am done with it.

    I started AC4 and am LOVING it. (I will probably never go back to 3 at this point either.)

    Also played some Madden, and enjoyed that, and Peggle 2, Forza (Fuzz and Variation's Driveatars ARE DICKS! lol) and CoD. I really am liking CoD. May start that single player next to go along with AC4.

    The wife was REALLY generous as to how much I got to play the last few days... too bad for me that's over now. It's back to the old hit and miss schedule. :-(
  • Everyone tells me my Drivatar is a dick :( sorry :(
  • Break is over for me. Got the S ending on dead rising. Finished BF4 campaign, and hit level 70 online. Played some Forza too. Might be time for a new game soon. Something needs to come out.
  • Yeah... back to life as usual for me today... Today is the first day of a 10 day straight work schedule for me. Ugh.
  • I didn't get to play shit. Kinda pissed about it.

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