Wii U acquired!
  • So it took some haggling but I basically bartered for a Zelda Wii U console.

    Traded one of our 360s ( the black one ) and a stack of games, the best of which was SSX and an old laptop I had lying around the office.

    I was looking for $300 for both those things on Craigslist alone but the trade was easier. And I didn't get shot, so yay!!!

    I'm actually really happy that craigslist is reliable in Toronto. We don't have as much of the bad shit happening that you hear about. Of course, I'm not stupid enough to go to a bad part of town at a bad hour either.

    Anyway, yesterday I found a dude selling Super Mario 3D and New SMB U for $40. So I picked those up. ( had to basically give 3D to a friend to borrow his Wii U earlier this month so I got it cheap ).

    I love that game. Re-played a few hours of it last night. For a Mario fab, it's easily one of the best console ones in years, and quickly a lead game for GOTY for me although Bioshock is still probably my fav.

    New SMB U I hear is kinda meh, but I still love those games too so I'll be looking to get I to that next. Essentially I got a U to play the Mario games.

    I've been meaning to check if you can play Wii games on the gamepad it if the Wii emulator only works over TV.

    Anyway. I still think the U is a weak system overall, especially since it's been out a year, but for my tastes it's a win. Especially with Wind Waker on there. Reminds me of the time @Variation lived with me. #roomies
  • I'd like to see that Lego game... but I have been burned too many times by Nintendo products... I still don't think there is enough out, or coming for me to justify a purchase... but I am glad you like it @sw0rdfish.

    Also, "babygamer!" /taha
  • I just want mario. Maybe Wonderful 101.

    That said rayman was announced for xbox one and ps4 so I'll be getting it on one of those!
  • Eventually I'll snag one because I really want to play the new Pikmin. I think that the new Mario plus Pikmin is enough to own the console, but not at $300 (though for $300 the Zelda Wind Waker version is tempting).
  • I lucked out with some gift cards and some cash and with an extra PS3 lying around I'm really, really mulling over picking up the Wind Waker bundle. If Gamestop were running a double-value console promotion I would do it in a heartbeat. Right now though I think I'd probably maybe get around $80 for the system? Not sure.

    Gamestop is also running a promotion with $50 off for just the Wii U system. So I could conceivably get set up for under $200.

    But damn I still have too much to play on the PS4.
  • I think Nintendo is having a holiday promotion where it's $50 off the system. I've seen lots of places advertising $50 off.

    DO IT!
  • I got a wii u! Someone on craigslist was selling a brand new wind waker ed. for 200 bucks. I was very skeptical but it was as if nobody touched the box. I picked up SMB3DW and will play wind waker at some point. So far 3d world has been pretty awesome.

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