Damn looks like most of you guys have a xbone...
  • i have no desire to get one now for some reason...:(

    i'll see you guys when titanfall comes out :)
  • Ok!

    Did you get a PS4?
  • nope not getting anything till next year...i've learned my lesson with launch consoles :)
  • but..but you're missing out on.......missing out on.....Killer Instinct is good!!

    I was going to wait myself, but the wife was letting me get one with no hesitation so I jumped on it while I could. I have a feeling if I wait until next year it would have been a different story.

    I have such a huge backlog of 360 games I really shouldn't have bought it, but oh well. I'm enjoying BF4 when it works and Killer Instinct is great.

    Peggle 2 Tuesday!
  • now.. i want peggle 2 !!!! :nudge: :( .......i hope it comes out for mobile devices
  • Waiting isn't a bad choice. I love mucking around with new stuff, and fell into the money so I jumped. I don't blame you for waiting, it's kinda frustrating at times right now.
  • Peggle 2 is GREAT btw (review coming on launch day)
  • OMG i want to play peggle 2
  • I may have to get Peggle 2.

    I never played much of the first one (I think only once when Sea was visiting me)

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