Xbone peeps! Come, gather round!
  • Now that everyone has had a little time with their systems... I am curious to hear what your #1 top game is... (if you have 2 or 3 that's fine too!)

    I have been listening to a lot of PodCasts lately, and am interested to see what you guys think is the systems top game right now, and why.

    SO what do you think? :wonder:
  • Assassin's Creed 4 is my favorite that I've played. I've been short of shying away from BF4 because of how buggy a lot of people have said that it is.

    AC4 isn't essentially a next-gen experience, but it's the best title that I've played so far.
  • Nice Ryan!

    I've been hearing SOOOOO many good things about it... but I am pretty set at getting it for my PC. Maybe I will just get it for what ever I find it cheapest for first...?

  • I only bought BF4 and Killer Instinct.

    BF4 - The single player is pretty cool. It's better than your typical bro shooter like COD. It's manly, but it's not silly. I'm playing on hard and it's not bad. I hear it's short. The MP has been fun. I'm at level 13 I think, the battle log app has me as owning the 360 version and I have no clue how to change it. I don't know how many hours I've put in. I haven't had the issues with it crashing like Sword, but he was at my house last weekend and I saw him crash more than a few times. It's all over the internet about how broken it is, so I am not doubting any of it. I just personally haven't had many issues. There are some things I don't like with the menus and how hard it is to play with friends. But those are things that can be ironed out with updates. It's not a yearly shooter, so this is just the beginning. I'm a little mad I bit into premium so early when I could have picked up Forza or DR3, but I was going to get it anyways. It's sad that the content we were supposed to get two weeks ago just came out last night. I really hope they make it up to us. Some double XP weekends are great, but I'd like to see something of value.

    Killer Instinct is great. So smooth and fast, and a button masher like me can actually do things.

    Forza and DR3 will be on my shelf at Christmas.
  • Cool! Thanks Josh!

    I am getting BF and CoD for Christmas... and I am anxious to hear what you (and/or others) think of Forza and Dead Rising 3. I've been hearing a lot of good things about BOTH!

    I wanna add ONE or TWO more game(s) to my Christmas list (or post Christmas list)... not that the 2 that I am getting aren't enough... just want something that's not a shooter... :happysad:

    It's awesome to hear what you guys are enjoying so far! :-)
  • I've been playing BF4 the most surprisingly. I even bought Premium (so I won't be ditching anytime soon Fuzz/sw0rd!) .

    AC4 looks absolutely amazing and is the best in the series by far imo.

    Forza 5 I love, I've jut not been able to get away from BF4/AC4 to play more of it tbh

    DR3 I'm enjoying, but in small chunks, not sure why to be honest.

    KI I'd play more of if I had someone to practice with

    Peggle 2 is a lot of fun and a great sequel so far (comes out next week)
  • Excellent, thanks Adam!

    I plan on getting Premium for BF4 at some point as well...

    Forza is a game I am on the fence about... I liked Forza 3... but I am not a big "car game" guy... I didn't play it a TON... But, I have been hearing that it is possibly the best game to show off the new system... So I am debating about getting it... (The Gamers with Jobs podcast was just RAVING about Forza)

    Dead Rising 3 I have been hearing a lot of good things about... but, as I have said before, I am getting a little zombied out... so I dunno if I want to go that direction or not. (I bought the first one... only rented the second... never finished either.)

    And, I am embarrassed to admit this, but I have never played Peggle... :happysad:

    Anyone get Ryse? I havent heard much about it... but what little I heard was solid...
  • I got Ryse, just haven't put it in yet, but I will. Supposed to be pretty good and it has a horde-like multiplayer to keep you going with it.
  • @Variation

    Cool! I cant wait to hear what you think...

    horde-like = :nudge:
  • Man, Jeff was SLAMMING Forza on the Bombcast this week.

    That amount of micro-transaction in a $60 game needs to die. Especially when it's one of the only ways to get to these milestones.
  • I haven't listened to the Bombcast yet... It's in my que...

    I do agree that the micro-transaction thing blows... but the guys on Gamer's with Jobs seemed to feel like they got their $60 worth in the game (and the micro stuff was just add on's for those who wanted them)

    I dunno... I am still thinking about it...
  • The microtransactions are just short cuts. You can pay to unlock cars which is guess is a slow grind if you play normal. But your drive atar works for you. So you earn creds and xp while away.

    At least that's what I remember reading.
  • Yeah Jeff's always bitchy on games like that... good to hear it's not so bad. I heard they lowered some prices?

    Is the micro stuff really in your face or easily avoidable?

    Game looks so nice, even as a non-racing fan, I want it... lol.
  • Did anyone get Need for Speed Rivals?

    Amazon has it on sale for $47.99 right now (flash sale)... and I am debating getting it for my oldest son and I (from Santa... were having a hard time coming up with gifts for him... and he has enjoyed previous Need for Speed games...)

    Just looking for any opinions from people who have played it.
  • I want to get NFS, but I'm resisting because I know I won't get to it right away. Hoping for a boxing week sale or something.
  • Need for speed is fricken awesome.
  • Thanks woozy!

    I am liking what I am seeing in the reviews...

  • That's the quickest I've ever seen NWM make up his mind.
  • I blame it on the flash sale. :happysad:
  • did you get it for pc?
  • No, I got it for the Xbone. I am 99% sure the flash sale was Xbone or PS4 version only.
  • Gotcha! I have it for ps4 so no rubbing bumpers.
  • I've have DR3 and BF4. I've been playing the campaign a lot. I played through on Normal since I tend to suck at FPS games. It wasn't bad so I figured I'd give hard a shot. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. It's challenging at points, but definitely fair. I have only played 1 or two rounds of mp, but once I'm satisfied with the campaign, I'll be on the mp more.

    DR3 I view as my "turn off your brain" kind of game. It's fun in a don't have to think about what I'm doing kind of way.

    I've asked for AC4 and Forza for Christmas. Here's hoping I get one of them.

  • I bought DR3 last weekend. I'm having a blast with it. The weapon creations and combinations are crazy. Like the leveling system (leveling is FAST)

    Having the game timer is a downer. But supposedly you can go back to an earlier chapter and keeping your stats, so it is kinda like rewinding the game. I think.
  • The timer is one thing I never liked in Dead Rising games... I get why it's there... I just don't care for it.
  • That timer is only there in the harder difficulty. Play on the others and there's no timer.

    Also, play with someone high level and get them to drop a high powered weapon for you. Once you pick it up you unlock it to spawn in your closet. This is also a VERY fast way to level up real quickly
  • @Variation, I like what your saying.... this will for sure be a rent it, and buy it if I like it kind of game...

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