Anyone need Battlefield premium (or $10 off any Origin purchase?)
  • I have managed to generate 2 codes so far (it's really easy)

    Just follow this link :

    They are saying to use it to get Battlefield 4 on the PC for $19.99... but it's $10 off... so I assume it would work on any purchase? :wonder:

    I may pull the trigger on the PC version (and get Premium with my second code)

  • PC Version :/
  • If I read it correctly, Premium will work for any version.

    (I am getting the Xbone version for Christmas...)

    SO I will use the Premium on the Xbone version.
  • Ok, well I asked EA/Origin if I can buy the Premium thru their on line site for the Xbone version, and apparently you have to buy it theu the xbox marketplace...


    So this thread is only good for people who want the PC version, or who want a $10 off code for the Origin Store...:happysad:

    Still $19.99 for the PC version is a good deal... :hmm:

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