It looks like the bottom fell out of the used game market..
  • I looked up the value of a bunch of games last night that I wanted to trade in at Amazon. The prices have plummeted since the new consoles have come out. It's nuts! I expected to see a drop but it's pretty terrible what they are offering for games. I looked up almost 20 games last night and not one was over a dollar. Most of them have dropped to $0.21 each. That's crazy!! Even GTA V which I have no plans on trading in has dropped below $10.

    It looks like I'll be hanging on to my copy of Kinect Sports forever. It's not even worth the effort.
  • I was just thinking of trading in GTA V too
  • Yeah I was doing the same thing trying to scrounge up some money for a Wii U. I wonder how much they are offering for 360s. I have 3.
  • $68 for the 250GB
    $55 for the 4GB
    $67 for the Halo Reach

  • Every so often GS runs a special where you get double the trade in value. I think that's what I'm waiting for so I can trade in one of my PS3s.

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