Hey Phreak how did my exhaust taste...
  • as I slid into a turn to overtake your position in Forza? From my end it tasted awesome.
  • LMAO

    You were a hell of a competitor! Your Drivatar kept giving me trouble.

    Also I wrecked into conski more than a few times. lol

    It's so neat that it puts your friends into the game like what. What a neat trick.
  • Totally cool. Especially since we rarely get to really play together. I don't think I've seen conski yet!
  • I've raced against Major Nelson a few times (he drives dirty!)
  • Pretty sure everyone drives dirty. Including me...
  • Is it me or is it 100 times easier to drive inside the car than outside the car?
  • It feels REALLY good to drive in cockpit view. I normally don't do cockpit view but the sense of speed is really good, so you can kind of drive naturally with or without the race line.
  • @wooze I've never been able to drive (well) like that. I love the indash, but I never perform nearly as well with the zoomed out view. I like seeing how close I am to edges/cars.
  • I love cockpit view. I think it is much easier to control, especially when trying to correct a slide.
  • Also I didn't know David had Forza. I need to stalk/follow you
  • I agree cockpit all the way. lso why have i not seen you yet lambo! You are probably in the few races so far I got second place where I never saw who was in first.

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