Next gen is here, but what about last gen? What are your top 5 games of the generation?
  • This is just off the top of my head, but what are yours?

    1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    2. Rock Band
    3. Skyrim
    4. Street Fighter IV
    5. Mass Effect 2

    I think originally, I was going to put AC2 on here, but I think ME2 is the better game. This is really hard, though, and I'm going to second guess myself a lot.
  • Sometimes I feel like I play so much that I have absolutely no idea and it is a blur. I can't put any of these in any particular order and I'm sure there is somethings I loved missing.

    1. Rock Band (and 2)
    2. Mass Effect 2
    3. Heavy Rain (overall experience was so original and when the controls did work it pulled you in so much)
    4. Uncharted 2 (though I loved 1 as well)
    5. Burnout Paradise

    Honorable mentions: ratchet and clank: A crack in time, assassins creed (2 and 2 after it), sleeping dogs, Red Dead Redemption, fable 2, alan wake, dishonored, lego star wars

    LOL I could go on. I just don't know what I would put number one. I don't know if I go by fun or time spent.
  • Good idea man!


    This is gonna take a while to think up... I am torn where to even start... and mine may end up being a "Top 5 series of last gen" list... :happysad:

    Hard to leave off GTA5, and Gears, and Batman.... And I am sure I am forgetting others...
  • I actually put a ton of time into my list. Randy, David and I were going to do a podcast like Giantbomb does where we get a list of 25 or so games and argue until a top 10 is decided. Here is my top 10 from that list.

    1 - Bioshock
    2 - Red Dead Redemption
    3 - Skyrim
    4 - Last of Us
    5 - Bioshock Infinite
    6 - Halo Reach
    7 - Fallout 3
    8 - Gears of War 3
    9 - Dead Space
    10 - Halo ODST

    Yea I'm a total Xbox fanboy with 2 Halos and a Gears in there, but I played through all three of those multiple times with Ode, Sword and Lambo. Some of my favorite moments in gaming. Nothing can compete with Bioshock for me, only RDR comes close.
  • Add Bioshock (series) to my "And I am sure I am forgetting others..." comment I made.

    LOVE me some Bioshock!
  • Battlefield 3
    Halo 2
    Red Dead Redemption
  • Dead Space was fantastic and I'm sure the lsat of us would have been on my list if my ps3 didn't die 4 hours in :(
  • Oh and Halo Reach was great.
  • and I put a lot of time in Fallout 3
  • You know Fallout 3 has to be there for me I think. I don't ever remember any open world game where I honestly felt like I found and did over 90% of the game. At least not the size of fallout. Meanwhile vegas might not have sucked but I really just couldn't get into it after putting so much time into Fallout.
  • Damn... Forgot about Fallout....

    I think a top 5 may be damn near impossible.

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