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  • So I am about 3-4 hours into AC3 and I'm actually digging it. I know people said it gets boring at the 6-8 hour mark, so I'll see if I can get through that and come out liking the game as much as I do right now. I am not doing ANY side quests, just main story only and it's working out pretty well. I'll do a few things here and there to try them out. View points are fun, and I'd like to explore the world a bit so I won't be running through with blinders on. I've heard bad things about the side quests and some of the activities you can do. So I'll skip all of that.

    My thing tho, and I've been thinking about it since the first game, do you think they dug themselves too big of a hole with this whole animus/Desmond/current time stuff? To me it's starting to get stupid. Stupid in a 3rd Matrix sort of way.

    I honestly think I would enjoy the games more if they were just set in their respective times. I cringe every time I see the animus shut down and I have to control Desmond because I really don't give a shit about that storyline anymore. Also, getting an email while I'm running around as a teenage Connor is pretty distracting, plus who reads those? I understand that the Desmond story opens the options for a game in any time period in any order they want, but I think just planning ahead on the time period of your games would have been pretty easy. To me it's pretty lazy and greedy on their part. Now they can release in any order they want and add Vita games and Iphone games and comics and just throw in a side story that has nothing to do with anything important.

    I think it would have been pretty great to start everything with Altiar, then as Etzio you uncover all of Altiars secrets and how he revived the Assassins. Etzio does his thing for 3 games and in AC3 we introduced to Connor. Each time is separated by hundreds of years so you have the potential of digging up that much back story. I think the story of the Assassins vs Templars is interesting enough that you don't need apples and Desmond.

    Just my thoughts. I'm digging AC3 and now I'm looking more forward to AC4.
  • Yeah, I agree about the Desmond storyline being basically irrelevant and not the reason I enjoy the story. It's very 3rd Matrixy - it's ludicrous bullshit about origins and aliens and I'm bored even trying to remember. I think, in the early games, it was interesting, but the more you explain the more boring it gets. Weird how that works sometimes, I think that's how the Matrix played out for me, too.

    I wish I'd have played just the main story in AC3, though it's hard for me. I'm kind of a Vinny about games like that, I have to do every little thing, and I think that harmed my experience. A lot of the worst bugs I hit were in the side quests, where I was a far way away from towns and so fuck it, gotta keep going, right? The other problem with doing all of the side quests is that you typically do that for economic reasons, right? Do the side quests, get better gear because of it, etc. That's what I'm doing in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning right now, and it's what I do in most every game.

    Well, the side quests in AC3 never rewarded you with worthwhile gear - the stats are almost the exact same as what you can buy relatively cheaply. And even the most useful gear, the second pistol holster, literally disappeared from my character every time I zoned. I will say this: the only economy that matters in AC3 is the ship upgrades, and even then, I think if you're a skillful sailor that doesn't need to matter as much.

    I'm really excited to play AC4. I really wish I'd only done a main storyline thing in AC3 like you're doing, I guarantee I'd have had a better time. I actually kind of messed up the first AC like that. AC didn't have much variety in the assassinations, something they learned for AC2. But that meant it didn't really stand up to marathons, right? You'd be doing the same thing every 3 hours. I wish I'd have done that game in single doses. AC2 could stand up to marathons, I think AC2 is the most improved game of a series in the generation. Hell, AC2 is probably in my top 5 games of the generation in general.
  • That reminds me - we should do a best game of the generation thread.
  • I 3rd the current time sucking thing.

    I could care less about that story line.

    Having said that, I am roughly 4-6 hours in to that game (AC3)... and I don't think I can bring myself back to play it.... :-(
  • 4-6 hours isn't far enough in to experience the naval combat, though. The naval combat is SO GOOD.
  • I had a boat battle... it was fun... but the rest of the game was so MEH that I cant look past it.

    Maybe I was 8-10 hours in... IIRC
  • I really enjoyed (or at least enjoyed) Ass Creed 3. Personally, I liked the story. It felt kinda like dancing with wolves. What I didn't like is how other then the main story I had no idea what the hell getting all of those materials did or why. I would save people to have them available but it seemed meaningless.

    I didn't spend a lot of the time doing naval combat. Only when I had too. I like the running/jumping/doing of assassins creed so maybe I Can look past some stuff.
  • My understanding and I could be totally wrong is that they are pretty much dropping the whole desmond type story line and are just going to the fact almost like total recall that they can just drop in and out of peoples stories with no real arc. Which I am fine with. Just always make it templars vs assassins as far as the reason we are doing battle.
  • The Desmond story is done... kind of. It's explained in Black Flag. They've explained it in a way where they can go anywhere from here on if they stick with it
  • I'm glad they refocus during or after Black Flag. I'm pretty excited about that one. I'll snag it next year sometime.
  • Nice!

    Thanks @Variation!

    I still think I am gonna go PC on this one... but I want it for sure... (still not sure if I wanna try to force myself to finish 3 first or not...)

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